Mescord History


Mesut Makine was founded in 1996 by Mesut ATA and Yusuf KILIÇ as an atelier for textile machines maintenance and spare parts seller in Istanbul,TURKEY. Until the year 1999, company continued to provide these services to major manufacturers all around Turkey.


In the year 1999, the need for industrial packaging and load securing products arose mostly due to the increasing number of Turkish exporters. There was a big demand from the market for a local manufacturer of industrial packaging products and this demand created a great opportunity. Founders of the company designed and assembled their own production line in order to produce galvanized wire buckles to become the very first supplier to Turkish industry. As of July 1999, Mesut Makine became the first and only strapping buckle manufacturer in Turkey and dominated the market as a supplier with more than 95% market share for almost 6 years. In the same year, Murat KILIÇ also joined the company as the 3rd shareholder.


Until the year 2005 they remained as the only galvanized and phosphated wire buckles manufacturer and kept their position in the market as the sole supplier.


In the year 2007 Mesut Makine widened its product range and started distributing industrial packaging products and became the exclusive distributor of the French strapping manufacturer BIHR.


High quality, excellent service and trustworthy image of Mesut Makine helped to take a significant market share from Turkish industrial packaging products market as of 2009.


In the following 2 years the development trend continued and in the year 2011 Mesut Makine made a significant move to its new plant along with investing in a new corded strap manufacturing line which gave them the title Corded Straps Manufacturer under the brand name MESCORD®.


By the year 2014, Mesut Makine had expanded its distribution channel throughout Turkey. In the same year, during the 3rd quarter, Mesut Makine made its second big move in the market. Mustafa KIN joined the company as the third shareholder. After this move, company decided to increase its production capacity by 100% and invested in a new strap manufacturing line in addition to a new buckle manufacturing machine.


2015 was a revolutionary year for Mesut Makine. Company started exporting to more than 15 countries around the world with a distribution channel of 17 customers worldwide. Mesut Makine continued its investments with another buckle manufacturing machine, single & double colour strap printing machine and formed its own test laboratory. With these investments, Mesut Makine became the single company in Turkey who can manufacture all these products under one roof. By the end of 2015 Mesut Makine moved to it’s new state of art plant in the heart of Istanbul and continues to deliver excellent service, excellent quality and competitive advantages to its customers.

To be continued…