WWH ( What, Why and How ?)

What is strapping….Strapping is most often used in complete horizontal or vertical bands. Edge protectors are used to help spread the load at corners and reduce damage to the load by the tensioned strap. Strapping can also be used in loops attached to holding locations on rail cars, skids, etc.

Why do I need it…..

How do I decide…?

Rule of Thumb:
(Weight of Pallet x 1.5) / Number of Straps = Tensile Requirement of Strapping

Maximum pallet weight: 1100#
3 straps applied
(1100 X 1.5) / 3 = minimum 550# tensile strength required

**NOTE: The higher the pallet height and/or the heavier the pallet weight, the more important the need becomes for either a higher tensile strapping or more straps.