About Mescord

Mescord which is Turkey’s pioneering manufacturer for composite and textile (hotmelt) strap, galvanized /phosphated buckles is started its operations in 1996 by selling textile machinery and repairing service. It has grown the business organization throughout the following years and has been an important know-how creator of machinery set up and maintenance by serving to major factories.

At the beginning of the year of 2000 the Turkish manufacturing and exporting companies sales volume to abroad has grown and the need for industrial packaging materials and packaging solutions has also increased sharply.  Mescord has explored the opportunities for industrial packaging materials which were imported until that time so began to produce galvanized buckles in order to supply Turkish customers and up to 2005 it has became the biggest manufacturer of this product segment by dominating market share of %95 in Turkey. The company of Mescord which was included phosphated buckle in product range has become the distributor of French company BIHR that was largest composite strap manufacturer in France in the year of 2007 and has reached a successful reputation in Turkish market with highest quality policy and thanks to reliable business image. Finally it has been one of 2 biggest companies for the industry in Turkey by the year of 2009.

Mescord, which continues its sectoral growth trends, has started to produce composite corded strap in 2011 and has become one of the leading companies of the sector with the supply of quality, guarantee of quantity products that are in line with customer demands and expectations.

With its innovative and R & D approach in production of composite strap, textile (hotmelt) strap,  galvanized-phopshated buckles, Mescord started to export especially to the European market by gaining customers’ satisfaction and then it has presented an experience about the reliability of Mescord Brand to the customers from different countries. The highest quality, innovation, the product progress, renovation for composite – hotmelt strap and buckles are the priorities of Mescord to set up a long term cooperation with customers.

Over 20 years' industry experience and know-how with Mescord power in Turkey and is the circle and clasp meet the needs of customers in different countries of the world's professional approach, is proud of the satisfaction of its customers.

Innovative, customer-oriented researchers and Mescord the structure of the World 'in Turkey and also to augment their operations and add value to the sector.

Mescord which has the culture of innovation and customer oriented aproach esxpands its operations in Turkey and the world by adding the value of the industry.